Amprobe 非接觸式驗電筆-VP-1000SB

Amprobe 非接觸式驗電筆-VP-1000SB
Amprobe 非接觸式驗電筆-VP-1000SB

The Amprobe VP-1000SB Non-Contact Voltage Probe with shaker and beeper provides maximum safety and convenience for detecting AC voltage without interrupting electrical systems. Designed to conveniently fit in your shirt pocket, the VP-1000SB looks like a voltage detector pen; yet it performs in the toughest indoor and outdoor applications, operating as ‘always on’ with no buttons to push. The VP-1000SB provides visual, audible, and shaker alerts when greater than 90 V AC voltage is present, which allows the user to discern between hot and neutral wires in conventional outlets. Voltage probes with sensitivty levels set below 90 V often do not allow the user to distinguish between hot and neutral wires.

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  • Provides non-contact ac voltage detection from 90V AC to 1000V AC with a CAT IV 1000 V safety rating

  • Tests for AC voltage in cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, junction boxes, fuses, and more, without requiring disconnection of the electrical system

  • Issues simultaneous audible, visual, and shaker alerts when voltage is detected

  • Features a fully insulated probe, with no exposed metal or conductive parts

  • Safety rated for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Includes users manual and batteries (installed)

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